April Marie Mai is an Overland Park artist who is enthralled with nature and color. She works in a variety of media, with a focus on painting and drawing. April’s work, heavily inspired by plants, flowers, and microscopic images, often moves fluidly within the space between representation and abstraction. April has a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Studio Art from the Kansas City Art Institute, with an emphasis on Painting.

Artist Statement

I’m an artist with a love for nature and color. Painting, printmaking, and drawing are my favorite media, but I work with whatever is available and appropriate for the subject matter.

The natural world is fascinating, and I’m especially drawn to the repeated patterns we see on a variety of scales. From electrons orbiting the nucleus of an atom to planets orbiting a star, similar patterns can be found on very different scales, binding everything together. Plants and flowers are a recurring theme in my work, and I also surround myself with them in real life. Their beauty, resiliency, and self-sufficiency inspire me. I want to encourage my audience to notice the vast array of beauty in our world, and  to make it a slightly more beautiful place than I found it.

Art has the ability to break down barriers, and make us think in ways that we may not have before. Challenges to our worldview expand our horizons, and can help connect us with others. I want to explore ways in which we can bridge our own personal gaps, and focus on our myriad of similarities, while celebrating our differences.