April Marie Mai is an artist and educator who utilizes a variety of media to create playful abstract pieces that explore the interaction of pattern and color. She also creates work that addresses sexual assault and her identity as a queer person. Her work has been shown at the Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art.

April has a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Studio Art from the Kansas City Art Institute, with an emphasis on Painting.

She teaches private and group workshops and art classes in Overland Park, Kansas, where she lives surrounded by orchids, African violets, and art. 

Active in the local LGBTQ+ community, April is an omnisexual, genderfluid non-binary woman. In other words, her presentation varies between non-binary and feminine and she can find all genders attractive. She is open about her identity because representation matters in the LGBTQ+ community, and to encourage others to be themselves.

Pronouns: She/Her/They/Them