"Learn how to make and discuss art, in a way that's easy to understand."

No experience or ability to draw required!

Learn all the basics of art at home!

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You'll Get 30 Lessons!

  • A New Lesson Each Saturday

    Complete them at your pace.

  • Simple & Clear Instruction

    I make art easy to understand by keeping it as simple as possible. I value your time and mine, so I don't include fluff. I keep it focused on what's important. I'll take you through every step, from setup to cleanup, so you'll be able to do it all.

  • Each Lesson Includes A Supply List, Worksheet, Video, & Quiz

    I'll include a suggestion of which art supplies to buy and a way to do it as cheap as possible. You'll download a reference sheet that will explain the topic covered, you'll do the lesson in video format, and you'll get a humorous quiz to help you retain your new knowledge. I'll give you homework ideas that can help you get the most out of each lesson if you choose to do them.

  • Opportunities for Critiques With Each Lesson

    Critiques are an important part of art. You'll get confident in your ability to give and receive critiques with opportunities to do so on FaceBook after every lesson. Share your work, get feedback, and give feedback to others. I'll explain the proper way to do critiques and give you tips for success.

  • Great for Everyone

    Whether you want to learn alone, with your partner, or with your kids, this class is simple enough for people at any skill level. Be sure to supervise and assist your child for their safety. If you're thinking about going to art school, planning to apply to one, or preparing to attend one, this course is going to give you the tools to make your own portfolio and be prepared to hit the ground running!

  • Responsive to Input

    I'll be creating the course materials as we go, so I can be responsive to students' input. You can give me feedback on what is working best for you. If you join after the course has started, you'll be able to access all the topics already completed and go at your own pace.

You'll Learn

All the Basics

Learn all the elements and principles of art and design, how to talk about them, and how to use them.

Art Terminology

You'll be able to meaningfully contribute to conversations about art in any gallery or museum.

Color Theory

You'll learn how to mix paint colors and create your own compelling color schemes with a Color 101 Lesson.

20+ Mediums

From printmaking to clay, I'll introduce you to many media so you can find what you enjoy most. I'll suggest cheaper options, as well.

Abstract Art Creativity

Make your own art, instead of copying. You'll learn how to experiment and develop artistic confidence.


Get feedback on your work after every class. You'll learn how to take a mental step back to give and receive critiques.

April Marie Mai

April Marie Mai

April works in a variety of media, and is known for her colorful paintings and social commentary artwork. She earned her BFA in Studio Art with an Emphasis on Painting from the Kansas City Art Institute. She works, lives, and teaches workshops in Overland Park, Kansas, USA.

Here's what my workshop students are saying:

April did an amazing job making art accessible to my 3 year old. He was so unsure of the process when we first arrived, but April broke it down, made it simple, and guided him through the process. We had an amazing time, and will definitely be coming back for more April Mai workshops in the future!!

On another note: I also can’t wait to do a class on my own (or on a date with one of my partners) so I don’t have to be looking after a 3 year old the whole time….. I want my own art experience now!

Kinzie Ferguson

April is a great teacher and made the blank canvas less intimidating and very approachable. It was fun and felt good coming home with my own work of art.

Rocky Cummins

It was a really fun and relaxing workshop. I went in with very little experience in art. I now know about techniques for movement and a little about depth. We even learned about cleanup, which is a useful skill to have with messy art styles. Being able to take home something that I made, and am proud of how it looks, is the best part of the experience!

Heather Ericacae

One thing:

This is not a drawing class. Drawing is about learning to see, and I think it’s best taught in person. If you’re interested in learning to draw, I highly suggest it! Learning how to really see changed my life in so many wonderful ways. Find a teacher who focuses on teaching you how to see and translate what you see as it is into your drawing. You don’t want someone who teaches a ‘style’ of drawing, because you’ll have to work hard to undo that when you get to art school. I saw a lot of my fellow classmates struggle with that. Feel free to develop your own style and have fun, but make sure you can do basic drawing without stylization as well.

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