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Watercolor Exploration Kids Art Class


Join me for a live watercolor exploration art class designed for kids of all ages. It’s complex enough that adults will enjoy it too, but simple enough to keep your kids engaged.

This is a 45 minute class held on my website with Google Classroom (you’ll use your personal Google account). The price is for access to the virtual class; you do not need to pay per participant, just do one signup for everyone that will be taking the class in the same space at the same time. Each student will make their own original work and have fun with different techniques, with lots of encouragement along the way. I’ll even explain the simple science behind some techniques as we do them. Little ones with short attention spans can stop whenever they lose interest; it’s a flexible format and they don’t need to participate all the way through. I’ll provide a bit of information on how to talk about art and encouragement to continue experimenting on their own. After the class, they’ll have a chance to post their art from the class (or you can post it for them) on a post on my FaceBook page and get feedback. The focus will be on how to give positive feedback, not on critiquing, and that way they’ll also get to see what other students have made.

Supply List:

✔Watercolor or Mixed Media Paper
✔Watercolor Paints
✔Clear Jar with water (if you have a couple you won’t have to replace the water as often)
✔Pencils (H range or HB)
✔Crayons (If you already have them, off brands are best for this project, but any will work.)
✔Paper Towels

Please tell your friends about this class! Students from all over the world are welcome.  We will not be using any units of measure, so there will be no confusion on that front. The class is taught in English.
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Watercolor Exploration Kids Art Class 12/12/20 3PM CST
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