Frequently Asked Questions


As long as you want to express support to survivors of sexual assault and harassment by telling them that they are not alone, you are welcome to participate. There are three ways you can do so:

  1. Embroider a square. There are a limited number, so order one as soon as you see they’re in stock. If they sell out before you can get one, sign up for the waitlist! I’m sure some people won’t follow through and I’ll have more available later. And, if the KickStarter is overfunded enough and the waitlist is long enough, I will make the project bigger and make more squares available.
  2. Give monetary support to make the project happen. You can help fund the KickStarter and get exclusive rewards.
  3. Get the word out! We need the KickStarter to be fully funded in order to get any funds from it. Telling your friends, acquaintances, favorite businesses, and more about the project and the importance of making it happen will help us raise the funds we need.

Thanks for your help and participation!

The You Are Not Alone Project centers around creating a groundbreaking participation artwork with the help of 1,000 people to express support to survivors of sexual assault & harassment.

One thousand people are each embroidering a 3 inch square of a large panel with a purple and blue kaleidoscope-like design, with the words “You are not alone” in metallic teal in the center.

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