It’s Time for Change Installation Art – Paper

We live in a society that often supports perpetrators of sexual assault instead of their victims. With your submissions, I'll make a large installation artwork that physically shows and tells the world why we demand change. It will garner attention, and be something that cannot be ignored.

It’s easy to participate:

You’ll need a color printer & heavy white cardstock. Click on one of the front images, then right click and save it to your computer. Repeat with the back image. Print the front, centered & full size, on one side of the paper, and the back, centered & full size, on the other. Carefully cut the squares apart. Punch a hole where the star is on the yellow side of each card. Write a reason why you think it’s time for change on the yellow side of each card. Get your friends involved! Mail the cards to the address on the sheet. I’ll turn them into a large installation artwork! Sign up for my newsletter to stay in the loop on the project. If you print out the sign, this project is a great participation tool for tables at events. If you can’t get access to a printer, you can also order the cards & sign.