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ITFC’s goals are to:

  • Improve how survivors are treated by society, law enforcement, and the justice system.
  • Push for punishments for perpetrators that fit the seriousness of their crimes.
  • Help create a society where sexual assault and harassment are not tolerated.

We will achieve this through:

  1. Being Visible – Through social media, shirts, pins, signs, and more. We’ll come together under one banner to show the world that we are a force to be reckoned with!
  2. Being Vocal – We coordinate our efforts to contact representatives, speak out on social media, demand proper prosecution by District Attorneys, and in other ways loudly and clearly make our voices heard. Subscribe to my newsletter to join us.
  3. Being Supportive – We will stand by survivors and do all we can to let them know that we support them, and that they are not alone.


ITFC believes that:

Together, we have the power to change society. Together, we WILL change society!

The standard of consent is enthusiastic consent. If someone isn’t obviously really into it, it’s time to stop immediately.

Sexual assault and harassment are never, under any circumstances, the fault of the victim. The blame rests solely on the perpetrator.

Sexism, racism, heterosexism, cisgenderism, and all other forms of hate and discrimination must not be tolerated by society, and thus must be addressed. Discrimination plays a strong role in how survivors are treated, and in the lack of real (and often any) punishment for perpetrators. We are all equal, we are all valuable, and the only way we can make change happen is together, supporting each other.

Groups and organizations must be held accountable when they enable and protect perpetrators, give perpetrators access to more people to assault, or turn a blind eye to sexual assault or harassment. Religious groups do not get a free pass in any way.

Perpetrators of sexual assault must be held accountable for their actions, no matter what level of power or influence they have. Along the same vein, people who have sexually assaulted others do not belong in any position of power.