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Pattern Fields

The Pattern Fields series explores the human relationship with pattern, utilizing my abstract paintings to create repeats that the viewer can experience as a field of pattern, with no relationship to any type of context for the pattern, and thus divorced from all expectations of meaning. The viewer’s experience becomes internal, and the conversation is not, “What is this?” but rather, “How does this make me feel? Why do I feel that way?” The large canvases create a partially immersive experience in which the viewer explores themself. These pantings are titled simply with numbers to provide the most open ended experience possible. This is an open ended series begun in 2019.

You Be You, I’ll Be Me

Utilizing pattern and color to create abstract art that touches on both minimalism and maximalism, the You Be You, I’ll Be Me series is playful, exploratory, and fun. Combining my ink paintings on fabric with acrylic paints, I create abstract paintings that each have their own personality. The fabric is adhered to the front, with the rough torn edge on all sides as well. This open-ended series started in 2019, and I will make around one to two hundred pieces in it.

Color Explosion

Started in 2019, Color Explosion is an ongoing series that explores the fun of colors and how they combine. Using the impasto technique, I create colorful abstract paintings that the viewer enjoys getting lost in.