We Will Not Be Silenced

I’m amplifying the voices of thousands of survivors of sexual assault and harassment with simple and beautiful art. Quotes from survivors of sexual assault and harassment are on colorful squares of fabric and attached to a large panel that is 6’x4′. They flutter out as the viewer walks by. These are just a few selections. You can view more squares and more panels.


The Boundaries Series was started in 2017 as a part of the Midwest Jewish Artists Lab, which I was selected to participate in. The theme was Inside/Outside, and it explored the concept of belonging and otherness. The first 6 pieces in this series were shown as a part of the Lab. Ink and watercolor on paper. Shop the Boundaries collection.


The Botanica collection combines small patterns, saturated colors, and black outlines to create a stained-glass like effect with a lot of detail. Circles, stripes, and dots fill up every piece of these leaves, flowers, and abstract forms. Pen and marker on paper. Shop the Botanica collection.