It’s Time for Change Fabric Engagement Kit


Engage your customers and guests with a simple but meaningful ITFC kit. Invite them to pick up a permanent marker and write in a square why they think it’s time to change how our society addresses sexual assault and harassment. You can also post on social media inviting the public to come by and write their reasons. You can display it when you’ve filled it in, and if you send it to me by October 31st, I’ll include it as part of an art exhibition. Your order will come with a 1 ft. tall by 2 ft. wide sign that invites guests to participate.

Cotton poplin fabric, 42″ (106.5 cm) wide.
You’ll also need: ultra fine tip black permanent markers, a plastic tablecloth to put under it, and good scissors. You’ll need to trim the excess white off the edges of the fabric before use.
$40 for 1 yard | $30/yard for 2+ yards | free worldwide shipping