Spectrums Basic LGBTQ+ Personal Inventory

This is a free download, you just need to make an account and go through checkout to download the file. All right reserved; you may not sell it, make a derivative of it, or claim it as your own. You may use it to teach (but don’t ask students to fill it out!) or fill it out and post it on social media to share with others. This is the basic, easier to read version.

This survey represents the current evolution of knowledge from within the queer community (not academic models), and it does not include libido and romantic drive, which are separate from orientation. It will not tell you your orientation or gender, but it provides a structure to break it all down so you can learn more about yourself, and, if you want, find the labels that are right for you. There are numerous problematic surveys out there, so I created this one that is actually designed by and for the LGTBQ+ community, to include everyone.

Remember: Everyone chooses how they identify or if they even identify. Gender identities, orientations, preferences, and all that other stuff can change over time, and they are always valid. It’s also okay to not know where you are on things, and just fill out what you do know. Wherever you are on the spectrums, you’re just right!