We Will Not Be Silenced Panels

You can view the panels for We Will Not Be Silenced now. I’ll add more as I make them!

We Will Not Be Silenced

I’ve added information about the We Will Not Be Silenced series, which is very important to me. It consists of panels featuring quotes from thousands of survivors of sexual assault and harassment. Currently I’m at 500 squares, and I’ve put together 5 panels. By the end of this project, I’ll fill a gallery with these panels and make them available for exhibition all over the world.

It’s a large project, but it’s extremely important to me to do what I can to amplify the voices of survivors. We are usually told to sit down and shut up, and that we should be ashamed because of someone else’s actions against us. I’m here to say that we have every right to speak up, and we need to if we can–it’s the only way that anything will change. We have to all stand together. I’m also here to tell you that no matter what someone else did to you, that is a reflection of them, not at all you. They are the one who should be ashamed. They are the one who should be punished by law. Not you. It was not in any way your fault. If anyone tells you differently, don’t listen to them.

I hear you, I support you, and I’ll share your story if you want.

Thank you for being here, and being a part of this. It means more to me and many other survivors than I can ever put into words.


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