We Will Not Be Silenced Squares

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You can now peruse the squares in We Will Not Be Silenced. I’ve added all the squares for panel 1, and I’ll keep adding them as I go. This is a large project, and I’ll include quotes from thousands of survivors of sexual assault and harassment, so check back occasionally to see more. I’ll also post them all on social media one by one, where you can share the ones that you find meaningful or that hit home for your experiences.

My hope is to support survivors by giving them a platform to tell their stories, and to provide the validation that they often don’t get from the people around them.

I also want to create an installation that calls for change, and shows how universal having to deal with this is. We can be better as a society, and support survivors and punish perpetrators better. We must do better. This kind of suffering should not be happening, and it’s time that society stops ignoring the experiences of over half its population, and instead stands up for them.

The effect of having all of these panels on display in a gallery, with thousands of quotes, is going to be beyond what I have words to describe. I know being surrounded by that will be intense and validating in the best way possible, and it’s an experience I want to share with as many people as possible. Thus, I’ll be showing it in locations that are available to the public and free. I hope it means something to you too, and that you’ll join me and help me complete this project.


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