We Will Not Be Silenced Art Installation

Many of us have had to deal with sexual assault and harassment, yet we don’t have a system that properly protects survivors. Many of our elected officials are at the ready to publicly blame victims instead of supporting them.

We deserve better, and the only way we will ever get it is if we loudly demand it. Our stories have power on their own, but together, they bear witness to how pervasive the problem is, and how it affects so many people’s lives every day. Together, all of our stories paint a picture of what is wrong, and what must be changed. Together, our stories demand to be listened to.

I am creating an art installation that will show how much sexual assault and harassment affect all of our lives through sharing short statements from people who come from a wide variety of backgrounds. It will be aesthetically beautiful and full of the stories and hopes of as many different people as I can possibly include.

The installation will consist of a series of panels, each 4′ wide and 6′ tall, with my artwork and 54 different short statements. I want to fill the walls of a large gallery space, surrounding the viewer with words from thousands of people. The art on the panels will vary, keeping people interested in looking further and reading more. I hope to secure a place where the show can remain up for a while and the general public can view it. I know it will have a lot of meaning for me, and for many other survivors. I hope it’s meaningful for you, too.

My finances are limited, so I’ll create the panels I’m able to, and anyone who wants to give to help make this project happen is welcome to. I’ll also make it easy for groups to fund or purchase a panel.

I’m starting off by making a panel with submissions from LGBTQ+ people, inspired by the pride flag. I’m starting with this for a very personal reason: I didn’t initially go to the police because I knew that being bisexual meant my probability of receiving help and justice would plummet. I want to start by lifting up the voices of others who have had similar experiences. My second panel will be a mix of everyone.

I want to share your story in your words. I hope you’ll participate!

You can:
Take the survey.
Share the survey. The more responses there are, the better the project will be.
Ask your chosen community to participate, through sharing the survey, buying a panel, or helping to fund one. Contact me for more information.
Give if you want to help make this happen, and are able to. You can give $5 or more, or become a patron and give monthly.
Follow the project. Sign up for my newsletter, follow the project FaceBook Page, my FaceBook Page, or find me on Instagram. I’ll fill them with project news and pictures!

The design of the first panel, inspired by the LGBTQ+ Pride flag.
Each square will contain a statement completed by someone who has taken the survey.
There are 54 squares on each panel, printed on chiffon and sewn on separately, so they flutter and reach out to the viewer as they walk by.