You Are Not Alone

Art has the power to go beyond words and connect us.

Sexual assault and harassment are devastating, and have lasting impact on people's lives. Living in a world that pushes us to stay quiet (and punishes us if we don't) often results in survivors feeling very isolated. Words of encouragement are important, but they can feel hollow without obvious action behind them.

The You Are Not Alone Project is a large crowd-made artwork that will show tangible support to survivors of sexual assault and harassment, and which may also help provide feelings of connection and healing to the participants who create it.

The main part of the artwork will be a large fabric panel that is 6.25 feet tall and 10 feet wide (1.9x3.05 m), embroidered by 1,000 participants (please join us!), with a calming kaleidoscope-like pattern in purples and blues, and the words “You Are Not Alone” in metallic teal in the center (see the large image above). Each participant will embroider a 3 inch square of the piece, which will broadcast a message of love, and ignite further conversation about how we can change our society to better support survivors.

To create a strong emotional impact, there will be three additional panels displayed with it. One will have pictures of all the participants, one will list the names of the participants and KickStarter donors who gave $25 or more to the project, and one more panel will be an artwork created out of notes of support and love to survivors, which KickStarter supporters will have the opportunity to participate in. If anyone wants to stay anonymous and not be included in the additional panels, that's also fine.

The end result will be a very meaningful artwork that can provide a feeling of connection to survivors and those who want to support them. The art will be available for showing in the United States for at least 3 years, and abroad for at least 2 years. I hope you'll help me make it!

Thank you so much for your support!