You Are Not Alone

I’m an artist.
I’m also a survivor of sexual assault.

It can feel very isolating to have to deal with having been sexually assaulted. I want to let survivors know that they are not alone with an artwork that is a physical expression of love and support.

The artwork will be a very large embroidered panel that is 6.25 feet tall and 10 feet wide (1.9×3.05 m), embroidered by 1,000 participants, with a kaleidoscope-like pattern in purples and blues, and the words “You Are Not Alone” in metallic teal in the center. It will be crowd funded with a KickStarter.

To create a strong emotional impact, there will be three additional panels displayed with it. One will have pictures of all the participants, one will list the names of the participants and KickStarter donors who gave $25 or more to the project, and one more panel will be an artwork created out of notes of support and love to survivors, which the KickStarter supporters will have an opportunity to participate in. If anyone wants to stay anonymous and not be included in the additional panels, I’ll also respect those wishes.

The end result will be a very meaningful artwork that can provide a feeling of connection to survivors.

Limited edition prints are some of the KickStarter rewards that are offered. I really hope you’ll join me in this project!

The It’s Time for Change campaign has grown out of the You Are Not Alone Project. It provides you with tools to amplify your voice, and brings us all together under one banner. Together, we will stand with survivors and change the world!

You can contribute to the KickStarter and help embroider the project. Thank you for your support!

You can purchase You Are Not Alone items and the square to participate.