Thank you so much for participating in the You Are Not Alone Project! I couldn’t have done it without you.

Please fill out this form so I can get an idea of when to expect your square. I’d also love to get your feedback about the experience. The address to mail your square back to is below the form.

You’re awesome!

Message a JPEG file, your name(s), and your square code. A head and shoulder 3 inch square image at 150 dpi, or your hands holding your square if you don't want to include your face(s). If multiple people helped, include all in the picture if possible. By sending me the image, you attest that you give me permission to use it for the banner, that my use of it will not constitute copyright infringement on any third party, and understand that as a result it may end up in promotional or media images of the project.
You can enter up to 10 names. If you had less than 10 participants, just scroll on down to the next question.

Please mail your completed square to:

April Marie Mai
9218 Metcalf Ave. #228
Overland Park, KS 66212